Liebster Nomination


I’ve made it through the first year of Uni!!! Exams are done and although I really can’t tell how I’ve done, I think it’s going to be ok. Either way there is nothing more I can do. What will be will be, right? I’m going to do an actual update probably tomorrow night.

Tonight’s post as you can probably tell from the title is my response to my Liebster Nomination. It was such an amazing thing to receive and really did perk up my day in the midst of the craziness that it was, so thank you HelloKalyKitty.  

Eleven facts about myself:

  1. Farm animals freak me out.
  2. I had my first boyfriend at 11 but didn’t go on an actual date until I was 18.
  3. When I walk into a bookstore the first thing I do is rest my hands on the books on the display table and every time it makes me feel instantly calmer.
  4. Sunflowers are my favourite flowers.
  5. I have zero tolerance for cold weather and fully intend to move to somewhere that is sunny all year round. Eventually
  6. At 12 my life plan was to have a career, then foster kids before opening up a cafรฉ/bookstore in my retirement. I haven’t completely written it off yet.
  7. Up until last year I still made a wish on the first star of the night.
  8. I have broken my right collar bone twice.
  9. Having a hot bath and getting into clean sheets is one of my favourite feelings.
  10. I’ve only left the UK once.
  11. I visited Sylvia Plath’s grave and was upset with myself that I had didn’t have a pen to leave…because people apparently leave pens and not flowers.

In answer then to the questions:


1) what did you want to grow up to be?

A vet or a lawyer. I found the injustices of the world too big at 8 and wanted to fix them.

2)what non family member had the biggest impact on your life and why ?

My best friend Cat. Without her there was no way I could have survived the last 10 years.

3) do you believe there is life after death?

Yes I believe there is something. There has to be…doesn’t there?

4) what is your creative outlet?

Writing and the theatre (although not as much theatre as I’d like anymore)

5) do you still watch cartoons?

Nope. They don’t make them like they used to.

6) what was your first pet?

A rabbit called fudge.

7) if you could learn a new language which would you choose? And why?

Italian. It just sounds beautiful and powerful. There seems to be nothing apologetic about it.

8) do you have a sport?

Not anymore, but it used to be kick-boxing.

9)if you could change one thing about your past, what would it be ?

Saying no when I wanted to say yes.

10) if you had one day to do things for yourself and money was no object, how would you spend it?

I would get all my favourite people together and have a day of amazing things happening. Favourite bands playing, authors talking, spa treatments, theatre shows,  games, horse riding, rock climbing. It would just be a massive party/carnival/festival .

11) what is your absolute favorite book ๐Ÿ™‚

That’s far too hard a question. Possibly The Tenth Circle by Jodi Picoult

Eleven Nominations

  1. Juniperbaby
  2. Lifeaccordingtoalison
  3. Mirijambuschmann
  4. The Untold Story
  5. Good Morning Bulimia
  6. Hungry Girl Running
  7. Point of Thought
  8. Shine On Beautiful
  9. Hello Life: A year without a scale
  10. Abby Has Issues
  11. Forever Going Forward

So my 11 questions:

  1. Where is the place that you feel happiest?
  2. What’s your favourite Movie?
  3. Most defining moment?
  4. What was the last thing that you made laugh?
  5. Have you ever been in love?
  6. Coffee or tea?
  7. Do you have any odd quirks?
  8. What is the one possession you couldn’t live without?
  9. When do you feel at your most comfortable?
  10. Can you keep a secret?
  11. Do you want children?


I hope you guys are all being good to yourselves.


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