What Ana is to me

All through this I found myself nodding sadly. It’s all true and it still never fails to heartbreak me that lives can be lived and then lost in this way.

Desperate Housewife

I have debated doing a post like this for a while.  But, I feel like there is no other option anymore.  I have been asked, countless times, during my struggle with my eating disorder, “Why don’t you just eat”.  And when I say it is not that simple I get the same response.   “Why not?”.  I cannot speak for the millions of individuals out there with an eating disorder, but I can speak from personal experience.  This post is probably going to be pretty heavy, so if you are in it for a laugh, I’d click out now.  This post is to explain to you what exactly anorexia is like (at least for me).

Anorexia is cold.  All the time.  And I am not just talking about occasional shivers.  I am talking 24/7 freezing.  Anorexia is not being able to wear shorts and flip flops in the summer because you…

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